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2017 GBC Information Return Checklist

2017 registration form.pdf

2017 age weight matrix.pdf

2017 birthday checker.pdf

2016 parental behavior.pdf   (No change from previous years)

2017 physical form.pdf

2017 standard player contract pwls inc.pdf

2017 age matrix spirit teams.pdf

healthy kids-flyer.pdf

If you are interested in coaching for GBC you must register on our home page.  


Youth Sports teams are run by a small board and without the help of parents participating in work bonds, there would be very few people to assist on game day, with clean up, announcing, equipment hand out, concessions, and all the many activities that go into supporting our kids. Work Bonds require either time or money as a part of your child's participation in an organized sport. If you don't put in your share of time, then you bond check will not be returned.  

Participation/Fundraising/Work Bond

There are numerous expenses and activities in Pop Warner that require additional fundraising and your participation. A separate “work bond check” is required at the start of the season. Work bond includes participation in but not limited to raffles and assistance with 3 game assignments. Home games require help with field setup/cleanup, selling 50/50, concession stand, novelty table, spotter, chain crew, etc. 

Canning at local establishments is an essential part of how GBC fundraises.

Work bond monies will be refunded at the end of the season only for those families that have completed all of the participation requirements, which includes ALL 3 assignments and a mandatory fundraiser.

GBC Families are required to participate in no less than 3 work bond activities, but are more than welcome to do more!


Keep checking back because new work bond opportunities will be made available on our calendar as needed. Your volunteer work is greatly appreciated, and shows children how important it is to give back to the community.

Upon completion of your "work bond shift" please sign where indicated on the work bond sheet at the snack shack. Please see a board member in a yellow “Staff” shirt at the snack shack  if you have any issues or questions with your work bond shift.

Some of our newer families were wondering exactly what each work bond requires:

What is the Snack Bar Work Bond?
 This work bond requires working the Snack Shack during home games. 

What is the 50/50 Work Bond?
Selling raffle tickets to the crowd during home games.
This helps GBC to raise some additional funds, and a few lucky spectators get a monetary prize!

What is the Shout Outs Work Bond?
Selling messages to the crowd during that will be broadcast over the loud speakers at home games.
This also helps GBC raise some additional funds, and the announcer will call out your message over the loud speaker during the game.

What is the MPR Work Bond?
This one has some very specific rules that must be followed. You will be on the field with the teams keeping track of how many plays each player gets by their Jersey number.

·         The following shall be the Minimum Mandatory Play Rule (MPR) for all Pop Warner teams: 16-25 Players(10 Plays), 26-30 Players (8 Plays) and 31-35 Players (6 Plays).
·         Each league may set a higher number of Mandatory Plays, but never less than the minimum set by PWLS.  All MPRs should be based on eligible players at the time of the game.·         The plays must be from the line of scrimmage.
·         Kickoffs, extra points, QB intentionally spiking the ball and free kicks shall not be used in fulfilling the MPR requirement.
·         A play shall not count toward fulfillment of the MPR if the play results in a penalty which causes the down to be replayed.
·         All players shall be provided their mandatory plays by participation in “active” plays, without the intent to minimize the action or integrity of the plays. Plays such as, but not limited to, having the center snap the ball to the quarterback, and then the quarterback fall to the ground, while substitutes are playing the other positions, shall NOT be considered as active plays.
·         All players shall receive their mandatory plays by the end of the third quarter, or they shall enter the game at the start of the fourth quarter, and remain in the game until they have received their required number of plays.
·         Failure to adhere to MRP requirements will result in forfeiture of game in addition to enforcement policies.

What is the MPR (Spotter) Work Bond?
The MPR Spotter watches the opposing team's MPR volunteer.

What is the Chains Work Bond?
Moving the side line markers as each down commences. You cannot be on chains during your child's game.

What is the Novelty Work Bond?
You will be selling GBC Novelty items including shirts, hats, shorts, magnets and other GBC items. This could be at a home game, but we may add other dates to practices or other venues.

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